1-18-15 – TEAM HPF’s 2nd Annual Iron & Ice Powerlifting Meet Recap

Another great experience at the 2015 iron and ice meet at HPF. Just like last year the meet was filled with PR’s, positivity, and a energy in the air that can only be found at HPF. My training had been going well so I felt very confident going into this meet. Still, I cannot say that I still didn’t have some anxiety going up for my first squat. Its hard to say what all happened after my hitting my opening squat because after that I was so focused on hitting the numbers that I wanted that the meet just flew by. I was very happy with hitting 350 on my final lift on squat because it was a huge PR for me and put me in a good mind set for the rest of the meet. I was a little unhappy with only hitting my opener of 200 on bench but its a good lesson for me not to make big jumps. With failing two attempts on bench I was being a little more cautious with my numbers going into the dead lift. I hit 405 for my second attempt and based on how that felt I decided to go up 5 pounds for a PR. Overall the meet was a great experience that gave many people the idea of what it is like to be in a real meet. Everyone did so awesome and made me proud to be a part of Team HPF!

1st Attempt2nd Attempt3rd Attempt
Squat300320350 (personal record)
Bench Press200230 (missed)230 (missed)
Deadlift375405410 (personal record)
Meet Total - 960