10-11-14 – PR at Deadlift for Hope

On Saturday,  October 11th I was honored to be a part of Deadlift for Hope Two, hosted at The Region Barbell Club in Munster, . This was the second time I have participated in deadlift for hope and just like last time it was a great experience. The amount of people that came to participate and show their support was truly incredible. HPF was very well represented with 13 members lifting in the meet and others that showed up to cheer us on. With all of our members there it helped me feel right at home when it was my turn to lift because I had my whole team screaming my name and motivating me to move some weight.  My training leading up to the meet has been going very well and I was very confident in the numbers I had set for myself. I started off with 360 which was my previous max from last years meet and it felt very easy. I chose 380 as my second lift which felt very easy going up. I set 405 as my last lift and I felt very confident since I had been wanting to break into the 400s for a long time. It came up very easy and I feel that I actually left some weight on the platform but I’m still very happy with 405. Overall the meet was a great experience and I feel honored to have been a part of such a great cause and to be around like minded people that are motivated to make a difference.

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