10-17-14 – Heavy Bench for Reps

I definitely had a great bench session today! I did doing heavy sets with 5 reps. It was one of those days where I didn’t give any thought to the weight that I was throwing on the bar. All I knew was that was going up and ended up with 200 on the bar. I used wrist wraps incase my wrist started to roll back in the last few reps. The weight felt very comfortable in my hand and I focused on keeping my back tight and getting the biggest arch I could. The first rep felt heavy and I believe that getting the cue from Danny to push my heels down helped me push out the next 4 reps. For my secondary lift I moved to dumbbell bench which I also tried to go pretty heavy on. Overall it was a great training session and I am definitely progressing as I go through the cycles.

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