11-13-14 Dynamic Effort, Lower Body

Dynamic lower body day and I’m working on my speed squats again with a 10 pound increase from last week. The weight felt about the same as last week but it felt like it came up faster and my leg was not hurting this time. I was doing another 10 sets of two with a 45 second rest in between each set which may have been a little longer if I was spotting somebody. I did well with keeping each set like the first with good form and speed. I was able to stay a lot more focused today as opposed to the previous day with my floor presses. I used sumo deadlifts with a double overhand grip as my first accessory lift and went up to 295 which felt very comfortable in my hands and came up easy.

Dynamic Lower Body
Speed Squats
Working Sets
10 x 2 - 185
Snatch Grip Deadlifts
3 x 5 - 275, 295, 295
Glute/Ham Raises
55 reps in least amount of sets - x 20, x 20, x 15
Back Raises w/ weight
3 x 12 - 65
Calf Raises & Toe Raises
3 x 25/15 - 175/red band
Cable Crunches
Side Raises