11-16-14 – Dynamic Effort, Upper Body

I was cut short today due to the amount of homework that I had to get through today so I was only able to get through 3 of my lifts but I made them count. I started off with speed bench at I did 9 sets of 3 with switching up the grip every three sets. I started out with close grip then moved to competition grip and then wide grip. I usually start with close grip because I feel that it gets easier as I move my way out. Each set felt good and I focused on form a lot as well as bring it up fast. I did dumbbell bench as my second lift and kept the weight at 65 in each hand which felt light and I think ill move up in weight next week. I finished up with inverted rows which I wore a weighted vest since I don’t weigh enough to actually get some work done in 4 sets. Overall even though my day was cut short I was still able to get some work in and that’s better than not training at all.

Dynamic Effort Upper Body
Speed Bench
Working Sets
9 x 3 - 135 (3 different grips)
Dumbbell Bench Press
3 x 12 - 65
Inverted Rows (wearing weighted vest)
4 x 10