11-22-14 – Dynamic Effort, Lower Body

Today went pretty much just like last dynamic lower body day which is a good thing. I was really focused and kept up a good pace throughout the workout. I worked on speed squats and they came up good and fast and each set was the same in speed and in form. After speed squats I moved to sumo deadlifts which was supposed to be snatch grip deadlifts but apparently I cant read sooo it was sumo dead lifts which I pulled 295 for sets of 5 which came off the ground really well.

Dynamic Effort Squats
Working Sets
10 x 2 - 200
Sumo Deadlift
3 x 5 - 295
Glute/Ham Raise
60 reps in least amount of sets - x 30, x 30
Back Raises w/ holding weight
3 x 12 - 65
Calf Raises super set w/ Toes Raises
3 x 25/15 - 175
Roses & Side Raises