3-1-14 – Deadlifts & Chains

I was looking forward to deadlifts today. The deadlift has always been my hardest lift so this is something I want to spend more time on building. I wanted to make it a little bit harder on myself so I added 40 lbs of chains to the bar and lifted from a deficit. The chains add more weight to the bar as you lift the bar higher and higher. This makes the top end of the lift heavier than the bottom end. The training environment was great! There was great support from all who was there, as always.

Going through my working sets I felt very strong. I was able to keep the bar close to my body, keeping me in a good position for a successful lift. One thing that I wish I would have done differently was wearing sweatpants. If I would have worn shorts the bar would have traveled up my shins a lot easier. The extra friction came into play during my last set. The weight felt good coming up but it was slowed down from rubbing on my sweatpants. I feel I need to work my glutes more because the lack of strength there made it harder for me to lock the lift out. I was happy with 475. I will come back strong(er).


Max Effort Deadlifts from a .5" deficit w/ 40 lbs of chains
Warm Ups
3 x 5 - 135, 185, 225
275 x 3
Working Sets
315, 340 (misloaded 365), 405, 415, 425, 455, 475
Down Set
405 x 4
Glute Bridges w/ Barbell 4 x 15 - 135
Barbell Shrugs 4 x 15 - 185
Back Raises 4 x 10