2-24-14 – DB Shoulder Press/Abs: Progress & Helping

This morning’s shoulder presses felt a bit easier than last week’s, so that’s gotta be a sign of progress. I had a headache this morning and I was freezing cold, BUT I didn’t let myself get cranky. I just started lifting and did what I needed to do. Short ab session was great, I plan switching them to my lower body days instead to keep them fresh for the lower body lifts. So you’ll see me change that next week in my new cycle. I also helped hand off and spot for my hubby who was benching with the slingshot this morning. Great to see him press 475 with ease!

Warm Up Sets
2x10 20 lbs
Working Sets
4x10 30 lbs
3x12 lat pull downs
3x12 DB front raises
3x15 tricep pushdowns w/red band
3x15 face pulls w/red band & grenades
3x10 hammer curls
3x15 Russian twists w/ med ball
3x15 side bends
3x15 toe touches w/stability ball
3x15 V-ups