2-26-14 – Squat: Tupac and Twisting

NEW CYCLE!!! First squats of this second cycle of training. Mike says no deload week for the next few cycles, so no deload week! This makes me happy because it means more progress in less time. This morning Coach chose Tupac for our listening enjoyment. My squats felt great, although I had a rough start to getting my form right. These couple extra days between squats erased my memory! I got cues from the hubs to pretend I’m twisting my feet outwards as I squat. Focusing on that will help keep my knees out the whole time. After my first couple warm up sets I was back in good form. All my sets went smoothly, ending with 1×5 of 100 lbs which felt great. Getting strong(her)! My accessories were good. Lower back was pumped from the reverse hypers and I was pretty out of breath from supersetting those with my bench step ups to save time. All in all, moving forward and loving it!

Warm Up Sets
2x5 45 lbs
1x5 55 lbs
1x5 60 lbs
1x5 70 lbs
Working Sets
1x5 75 lbs
1x5 80 lbs
1x5 90 lbs
1x5 95 lbs
1x5 100 lbs
2x10,10,5,5 (forward, backward, side, side) red band walks
3x15 seated leg curls w/orange band
3x10 bench step ups
3x10 reverse hyper