2-28-14 – Love & Deadlifts

This AMAP I was really excited for. My week 3 deadlifts are always the ones I loved most. My blood was flowing, my mindset was ready, my ravage was working, and my muscles felt good. Started warming up by rolling out and jump ropes and stretches, and dove straight into my first sets. My warm ups felt like nothing at all. Then my first working set came and it felt a little heavy, but still didn’t feel very difficult. For my next set of set, I threw on the belt and pulled 260 like nothing. Lastly, I finally had my AMAP. My goal this week was just to beat Jesse and thankfully I beat him by 1 rep. I had 13, he had 12. The only problem that I faced during my AMAP was my left bicep. It’s been inflamed for months but never quite a concern. But, after benching on Wednesday, it had been affecting me greatly and has been a serious problem with increasing pain and weakness in my entire left arm. On my 12th rep, I felt a strain on it and decided I should only go for one more rep. Next week, I really need to focus on getting my arm better by stretching it out more, and icing it frequently. Hopefully, by my next AMAPs, it will no longer be a problem.

Warm Ups
2 x 5 - 120, 155
185 x 3
Working Sets
230 x 5
260 x 3
290 x 14 (as many as possible)
Seated Dumbbell Deadlifts 3 x 12 - 50
Glute Bridges 4 x 10 - 175, 190, 190, 205
Glute/Ham Raises 3 x 12 - red band
Barbell Shrugs 4 x 10 - 185
Seated Cable Rows 4 x 10 - 140
Back Raises (on 2 board platform) 4 x 12 - 50