3-10-14 – Dead Phone & Heavy Squats

Today was a very good day for squats. It was actually a day off from work and I was able to focus just on the gym. Unfortunately, my phone died before I was able to record my final working set of 3 reps at 235 pounds. Overall, it was a very good day. My form stayed constant. The only real problem that I had trouble with was pushing my knees out and on my final rep of my second working set, my chest fell forward slightly. But, I immediately recovered and on my final set of 235, my chest stayed straight and my back stayed strong resulting in much better form. Jesse and I moved on to sumo deadlifts, one of my favorites. The previous week, we did four sets of 5 with increasing weight (205, 215 x 2, and 225). This week, continued with the same sets and reps with increasing weight (225, 245 x 2, and 255). They’ve been benefiting me greatly while I’m in the hole on my squats. It helps give me a nice spring back up. Jesse had to leave early, so we were only able to finish our first three accessories. Nonetheless, we came in the next day and finished our accessories before moving onto bench day.

Warm Ups
Tire Jumps 2 x 10
2 x 10 - 45
2 x 5 - 105, 130
155 x 3
Working Sets
3 x 3 - 180, 210, 235
Sumo Deadlifts 4 x 5 - 225, 245, 245, 255
Tire Step-ups w/ Dumbbells 3 x 12 (each leg) - 45
Dumbbell RDLs 3 x 15 - 50
Band Spread 4 x 25
Reverse Hypers 4 x 10 - 135
Calf Raises 3 x 20 - 135
Abs x 4