3-14-15 – Deadlifts

Today was heavy deadlifts for 3 reps each and setting after every rep. I felt more explosive on all my sets, and my back didn’t round on the way up. Snatch grip has helped me keep my back straight while deadlifting and also has helped my grip. My first working set was 285 and it felt easy even while setting after every rep. Everything was perfect, butt down, head and chest up, and also I keeping the bar close to my shins. My next set was 325, this felt a little heavier, but keeping my technique and not rounding my back I got the weight up. On my last set of 365 for 3 everything had to be right. The first rep came up easy, and the last two were the hardest. The last rep was the slowest but slow and steady I sure as hell got it up.

Snatch Grip Deadlift 5 x 5 - 225
Lat Pull Downs 2 x 10
SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings 4 x 7 - bar, 85*, 85*, 85* (*considering the SS Yoke Bar as 45lbs)
Back Raises 2 x 15
Hanging Abs superset w/ Ab roller 2 x failure