3-15-14 – Deadlift: “my little deadlift monster”

That’s what my husband called me after today’s AMAP session. I’m really happy about my progress from the last training cycle to this one, which is only three weeks! Deadlifts today went really well. I was feeling a little tightness in my hips throughout but not enough to bother me or screw up any of my lifts. I wore a belt from 130 on up and did awesome on my AMAP set! I had 150 this time, and pulled it for 12 reps! I definitely had more in the tank but the bar was ripping my hands so bad I had to stop! Like I thought for sure if I continued that the bar would take part of my skin with it when I let go. GGRRRRR!!! I was so mad!! So Mike had me do some heavy rack pulls afterwards to get some more heavy work in. I seriously felt like I had at least 5 more reps in me!! It’s okay though. More progress for the next cycle.

My progress across all three lifts from 3 weeks ago to now resulted in the following:
Squat: from 90 lbs for 20 reps to 115 lbs for 17 reps
Bench: from 80 lbs for 7 reps to 85 lbs for 11 reps
Deadlift: from 140 lbs for 15 reps to 150 for 12 reps

Warm Up Sets
2x5 65 lbs
1x5 70 lbs
1x5 80 lbs
1x3 85 lbs
Working Sets
1x5 115 lbs
1x4 120 lbs
1x3 130 lbs
1x2 140 lbs
1x12 150 lbs
1x3 135 lbs rack pulls
3x3 155 lbs rack pulls
3x12 red band good mornings
3x15 DB Romanian deadlifts
4x10 barbell shrugs
3x10 back raises on GHR