3-15-14 – Great Deadlifts. Great Environment.

Today was awesome. I had all morning to just deadlift. I didn’t have to worry about hurrying through anything; I didn’t have work until later that night. Also, there was a quite large squat party going on throughout my entire workout where everyone killed it, pumping me up through every single rep. Furthermore, Jesse and I woke up nice and early and arrived at HPF just as the doors were opened for the intensity to begin. We were able to work through our working sets peacefully, and use a good mind set for every rep. The weight felt easy throughout all my reps and went without a belt until my final set of 3 at 290 lbs. Just like week 2 bench, I was very confident moving forward to what will be the most weight I’ve ever done for reps in week 3. Just as Jesse and I finished with our main lift, the greatness of the squat party began. The high level of testosterone in the room carried me well through my accessories. All my accessories remained the same weight, reps, and sets as the previous week except pull through, which I increased from 50 pounds to 60.

Warm Ups
2 x 5 - 130, 160
190 x 3
Working Sets
3 x 3 - 225, 255, 290
Band Good Mornings 3 x 12
Pull Throughs 3 x 15 - 60
Glute/Ham Raises (raised 2" w/ red band) 3 x 10
Barbell Shrugs 4 x 10 - 185
Dumbbell Rows 3 x 20 - 50 lb kettlebell
Back Raises 3 x 15 - 50
GHR Crunches w/ med ball 4 x 12 - 6, 12, 12, 12
Cable Crunch 3 x 10 - 75, 70, 70