3-17-14 – Benching with the Beast

I have been away from under the bar for about a week now. I caught a slight cold and I didn’t want it to to get any worse. I have been gradually feeling better but I woke up this morning feeling the best I have in awhile. Today was the day to finally start training again. I texted my mom, The Beast, to train with me. Just having her around gives me so much positive energy. It was great to have her there with me!

Max effort incline bench press was today’s poison. The weight was feeling heavier than normal. The time off kicked my butt I was determined to put forth my best effort. I didn’t make my usual big jumps of weight. This allowed me to get more sets in than usual. I need to keep this in mind and not jumping up in weight so soon. I was finding it somewhat difficult to stay tight on the bottom of my rep causing the bar to drop on my chest during a few sets. With that in mind I focused more on squeezing my shoulder blades together. I finished with 335 lbs and it felt good. It came up smoothly so I decided to do one more set. Needless to say that it didn’t go as planned. I was focusing so much on staying tight that the descent of the bar caused me to come down too slow, making me fatigued when I pushed up. It came off my chest but I wasn’t able to lock it out. Next time it’s mine!

My accessories went well. My mom and I were feeding off each other’s energy and worked hard to complete every movement to it’s fullest. This was a great training session. It was even better that I got to spend time with my mom, helping each other get better under the bar.


Incline Bench Press
Warm Ups
bar 2 x 10
3 x 5 - 135, 135, 175
2 x 3 - 225, 245
Working Sets
5 x 1 - 265, 285, 305, 325, 335 (missed 345)
Down Set
280 x 6
Tricep Pushdowns 4 x 12 - 80, 90, 90, 90
Lat Pulldowns 4 x 10 - 160
Band Facepulls3 x 30 - orange band
Dumbbell Side Raises 2 x 20 - 20
Hammer Curls 3 x 12 - 30