3-23-14 – Deadlifting on the Road

Jesse and Danny visit cedar lakes Fuel Fitness??? Yes this is true we took our powerlifting selves into the house of “curls for girls” but with good reason. Once upon a time I was a very scrawny specimen and so was my good friend Matt Board. We got into training around the same time and have both gotten very involved in it ever since and even though we live 40 minutes away from each other we had not seen each other for a few years soo we thought it was about time. So me and Danny took our show on the road and met Matt at Fuel which was like a median distance for the both of us. Getting to the gym me and Danny were very skeptical but found new hope in the fact that they had a dead lift platform. We started with out warm up sets and quickly realized that the bar was going to be a problem since it was very slick and there is no chalk allowed :((( but I took a chance and asked some guys near by if they happened to have some and thank The Lord they did! Everything went very swimmingly after that, me and Danny both worked up to a 3 rep max which felt great. My last set of three I may have got a little cocky and went up to high and was only able to hit it once. Through the rest of the day we managed to use the machines there to fit the needs of our program and had a very successful squat day. I was surprised on how friendly many of the members there were. Overall it was a great squat day and it was great catching up with Matt and being able to pass on some powerlifting knowledge.

Working Sets
4 x 3 - 250, 285, 320, 340
355 x 1