3-31-14 – T-Rex Arms & Pinky Cramps

Today’s training session needed to be done. I needed heavy weight in my hands and max effort two board bench press was what the doctor ordered. This movement allows me to handle more weight than I normally would press because of the shorter distance I have to travel due to the two board on my chest. Throughout my sets I focused on pulling the bar apart as I was lowering it to the boards. This kept my back tight as I brought the bar down, keeping my body more stable to handle the heavier weights. My warm ups were feeling great. I kept having a problem with a lot of pain in my left pinky after I would ungrip the bar after my set. This happened during all of my sets and I couldn’t figure out why. As the weights got heavier I focused more on keeping my body tight. It was so tight that my range of motion seemed to only allow the bar to travel an inch. It helps that I have the arms of a T-Rex, short and stubby. I finished with a top set of 455 lbs with my lovely wife handing off perfectly, as always. The leg drive that was generated during all my sets helped a great amount. I finished my session with the necessary accessories that would build my bench. It was a great training session, especially because I was able to be with my wife.


Max Effort Two Board Bench Press
Warm Ups
2 x 10 - 45
4 x 5 - 135, 135, 185, 225
2 x 3 - 275, 315
Working Sets
6 x 1 - 355, 375, 415, 435, 445, 455
Down Set
410 x 3
Tricep Pushdowns 4 x 12 - 100
Lat Pulldowns 4 x 10 - 180
Band Facepulls 3 x 20 - orange band
Dumbbell Side Raises 2 x 20 - 20
Hammer Curls 4 x 10 - 35