4-11-14 – Deadlifts!

My favorite day of the week is always deadlift day, I look forward to all my lifts, but the one that I look forward the most too is deadlifts. I love picking up heavy weight and I love how intense it gets when it’s the last heavy set. Today every set was for 3 reps and the one that I was felt was going to be the most troublesome was the last set of 370 for 3. Though it was heavy I didn’t feel as though it was extremely heavy for me to handle. I set after every rep which does make it harder I feel it has helped me be more explosive and also has helped with keeping good technique throughout the lift.

Warm Ups
2 x 5 - 135, 225
275 x 3
Working Sets
3 x 3 - 290, 330, 370
Snatch Grip Deadlifts 3 x 5 - 225
Lat Pulldowns 4 x 10 - 150
Seated Cable Rows (narrow bar) 4 x 10 - 160
SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings 3 x 10 - 125
Hanging Abs 3 x 10
Ab Wheel 3 x failure