4-18-14 – Deadlifts Until I Collapse

What does it take to be mentally prepared and focused on the heaviest as many as possible that you have to do? Having a focused mind set on the task at hand and blocking everything else but that will get you mentally ready to kill It when the time has come. Today was my AS MANY AS POSSBLE and I had to do it with 395lbs. I don’t think about the rep range. My focus is on just doing it and getting solid good reps out of it; basically to make every rep count. As I got ready to hit my As Many, one thought came to mind before lifting the weight, don’t quit. This was my most heavy set that I’ve ever attempted in long time and I got 3 hard earned reps from it. The first rep came up with decent speed, but the last two reps were the ones I had to fight for to get up.

Warm Ups
3 x 3 - 135, 225, 275
Working Sets
310 x 5
350 x 3
390 x 3 (as many as possible)
Snatch Grip Deadlifts 5 x 2 - 260
Seated Cable Rows 3 x 7
SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings 3 x 5 - 135
Shrugs 2 x 15 - 135
Back Raises 2 x 15 - on decline
Reverse Hypers 2 x 15 - body weight
Ab Wheel 2 x 12 - :02 sec pause on eccentric