4-2-14 – Speed Squat

Today was a great training day. My focus of the day was to apply the most force into the bar as I could. This is the objective to your speed day. You want to move as fast as you can. This will help you develop more force and allow you to lift heavier weight once it is applied. My 10 sets of 380 went very well. The weight was coming up fast and my body remained tight throughout the duration of my sets. My accessories went well too. My hardest accessory was glute/ham raises. I brought the platform closer to the pad making it more difficult to perform. I feel that once my hamstrings get strong(er) everything else will fall in place with my lower body movements. Great day today!


Warm Ups
Warm Ups
4 x 5 - 45, 45, 135, 135
2 x 3 - 225, 315
Working Sets
10 x 2 - 380
Snatch Grip Deadlift 3 x 5 - 315
Glute/Ham Raise 3 x 10
Band Good Mornings 3 x 12 - orange band
Band Spread 4 x 25 - red band