4-20-14 – Easter Deadlifts

No better way to spend my Easter at home; HPF that is. Running on just two hours of sleep and just getting home after work, I immediately packed my gym bag and made my way to the gym. About ten days prior to coming in, I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled, and I was advised not to do excessively heavy lifting. So between then and now, I had only come in a few times that previous week for stretching and body weight exercises. Just two days before deadlift day, I had a checkup at my surgeon and asked if I had the go to on lifting. He responded with go for it, nothing should happen now. Nonetheless, today was a rather exciting day. Although it may be my D-load week, I was still ecstatic to be able to lift some sort of weight. I began with just my warm ups on deadlifts, working my way up to only 225 for a set of 3. Today had been one of just a handful of times that I had not been training with Jesse. In some ways it was actually quite pleasurable, I was much more focused on every accessory and pushed myself in ways I hadn’t before. Although I was without Jesse, I was not without a partner. I had my other partner, Kevin Smado, with me. He had already deadlifted the day prior, so he squatted instead which allowed me to focus on everything all by myself. On top of finishing all of my accessories with increased weight, sets, and reps, I furthered my work out with my first prowler push of the year. I pushed 5 laps with 270 pounds (plus prowler itself). The only that slightly bummed me out was that I had missed my bench and deadlift AMAPS, but I felt as if my body needed the rest anyway. Each of my sets has been going much slower and has been much more of a grind. I think with these two weeks of stretching and strictly body weight exercises will benefit me exponentially.

2 x 5 - 135
2 x 5 - 185
2 x 3 - 225
Band Good Mornings 3 x 12
Single Leg Glute Bridges 3 x 15
GHRs (2 board platform w/ red band) 3 x 10
Barbell Shrugs 4 x 10
Bent Over Rows 3 x 10
Back Raises (1 board platform) 3 x 15
Abs 4 sets