4-21-14 – A Work In Progress

New cycle begins today and I was feeling pretty good going in to bench. Today was not a heavy day of course every set was for sets of 5 reps. My numbers were just right and the weight did not faze me at all. What I did notice was that I was not staying tight on my left side, and that was because I was not controlling the weight on the way down. It is noticeable on my first set of 145. On my second set I corrected the problem and paused on the last rep, always makes me feel confident that I can hold the weight at the bottom and explode right up. On my last set, the one rep that my elbows flared out on was the fourth rep. I let the weight drop to my chest as I was bringing it down causing my elbows to flare out. I corrected it on the last rep, and my elbows did not fare out. All in all this is still a work in progress.

Bench Press
Warm Ups
4 x 5 - 45, 45, 95, 135
Working Sets
3 x 5 - 145, 165, 190
Reverse Hyper Dips
x 6, x 7, x 8
TRX Skull Crushers 4 x 10
Red Band & Grenades Push Downs
2 x 10 - standing
2 x 10 - on an angle
x 1 superset of both
Dumbbell Curls
x 12 - 15
3 x 6 - 35, 40, 45
x 30 - failure
Reverse Curls 3 x 10 - 55, 65, 75 (superset last set w/ hammer curls to failure, 30lbs)
Shoulder Raises w/ plate
2 x 10
1 x failure