4-9-14 – 405 Deadlift Redemption

Redemption time today as I go to deadlift 405 for as many as possible. All I can think about doing is killing it! I was very focused and absolutely ready to go. All my sets felt easy and fast, and without a doubt in my mind I knew 405 was going to be easier than the first time I attempted it a year ago. GO time! As I set up for my last set I kept the same technique I had used for my previous sets, dead stop. Though this makes it a lot harder, I think of it as it making me stronger. I hit 405 for 4 reps, the last rep was the slowest rep, but I sure as hell fought to get it up. The satisfaction was greater than no other, and I was truly content with the reps I got.

Warm Ups
3 x 3 - 135, 225, 275
Working Sets
2 x 3 - 315, 360
404 x 4 (as many as possible)
Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5 x 3 - 225
Seated Cable Rows
3 x 10 - 130
2 x 12 - 135
Hammer Curls
1 x 15 - 30
Back Raises
2 x 15
Ab Wheel
1 x 20