5-11-14 – Back Day

I got two meals in me before my session today. I felt good and energized. Today I trained my upper back. I deadlift every other week. Today was kicked up a notch. My training partner for the day is a bodybuilder so we did some volume training as well as heavier sets. Turned out to be an awesome session as I was gasping for air by the end. One thing that I do on my upper back day that maybe different from other programs is I always do a rear delt exercise with my back day and if I’m feeling froggy I do shrugs too. I train rear delts with back because the rear delt is a huge part of any rowing movement. I get more out of the muscle on a back day than on a shoulder day.

Keep on keepin on.

Standing Pulldowns
3 x 12
Close Grip Pulldowns (dropsets)
3 x 6 x 12
T Bar Rows (dropsets)
3 x 8 x 12
Band Rear Delt Rows
3 x 20
Band Shrugs
3 x 10 - orange band
Reverse Hypers
3 x 10 - 45 w/ red band