5-14-14 – Last Squat Session at Age 28

Tonight’s training session started after business hours. This was the only time I had to train, but it had to be done. I was looking forward to this session because I LOVE SQUATS! The objective of this session was to apply the most force into the bar as possible. Again, I decided to not use the aid of a belt and focused on keeping my abs and body as tight as possible throughout my sets. I had the help of my beautiful wife to pull swing the arms back of the monolift throughout my working sets. This helped me focus on maintaining my solid position even more. Even with a minute of rest in between my sets I was recovering fast. All of my 10 sets of squats of 440 lbs felt great. I wasn’t done though. I have deficit deadlifts. Again, speed was the name of the game. I drove my feet into the platform with violence to make sure the weight was moving fast. I notice that while getting set up during my deadlift that my knees push my arms out, causing the bar to travel away from me. I brought my stance in slightly and moved my hands out a little more. This fixed the problem. After my deadlifts I worked on the necessary accessories to strengthen my weak points. Great session!


Dynamic Effort, Lower Body
Warm Ups
2 x 8 - 45
2 x 5 - 135
3 x 3 - 225, 315, 365
Working Sets
10 x 2 - 440 (1 min rest)
Speed 2.5" Deficit Deadlifts
8 x 1 - 340
Hamstring/Glute Bridges
4 x 15 - body weight
Reverse Hypers
3 x 15 - 110 & orange band
Calf Raises w/ Toes Raises
3 x 25/20 - body weight/orange band
Side Bends 2 x 15 - 85
Spread Eagle Sit Ups 2 x 10 - 25 lb plate