5-15-14 – Birthday Benching!

It’s my birthday! I walk into the gym there were balloons at my desk and a HUGE donut from my favorite donut shop! My mom is awesome! She really knows how to make a birthday boy feel great. Today I benched with my partner in crime, Mike Danielczyk. We had a great session. There was a lot of sweating, heavy breathing, and groaning. That was just from getting into our arch. It was great training with him because I feel there is a friendly competition between us that helps us get the best out of each other.

The weights felt very light because today was my speed day. I had to get the weight off my chest as fast as possible. I am starting to like my new bench position with my legs out in front. I would usually tuck my feet far under my body, giving me a huge arch. This position makes me sacrifice my arch for more leg drive. I’m ok with that. It allows me to drive my back into the bench even harder. My working sets went well and moved very fast. It helps having a 2 inch range of motion.

We then moved our way to the power rack to do close grip incline bench press. I have noticed that when this lift is going strong, so is my regular bench press. I will keep on doing exercises to get this lift strong(er). After we finished in the rack, I went with Mike and his girl friend Andria to pick up some plants for his farm. I came back to the gym to finish the rest the rest of my workout. It was a great start of the day!


Dynamic Effort Bench Press
Warm Ups
2 x 10 - 45
3 x 5 - 135, 135, 185
Working Sets
9 x 3 - 245
Incline Close Grip Bench Press
5 x 3 - 195, 205, 220, 235, 250
Lat Pull Downs w/ V Bar
5 x 10 - 140
Bradford Press
2 x 20 - 55
Barbell to Nose
3 x 12 - 105
Hammer Curls w/ Fat Grips
4 x 15 - 20