5-18-14 – Max Effort 2-board Bench

Benching today was a bitch. Well, just the end of it. All my sets went well, except my final attempt at a max single of 130 to a 2-board. I missed it and felt like I wasn’t getting enough leg drive. I thought I fixed this issue a while ago here. But it’s back! And now it’s also a butt-not-staying-on-the-bench issue. Yay……. not! So I still have some work to do after the 20 something extra reps of the bar that I took before my downset for Mike and I to try figuring it out. Accessories were great; I pushed myself with all of them.

On a better note, Mike and I set our training schedule so that we can stay consistent on the same days. I will be doing the following:

Sunday: ME Upper

Monday: ME Lower

Wednesday: DE Upper

Thursday: DE Lower

I’ll probably also pick one of the other 3 days to do a cardio/extra abs day to include the prowler, sled drags, battle ropes, farmer’s carries, and/or some type of tire work.

After training, Mike and I went to our friend’s house and farm to help out with planting produce. Check them out if you like all-natural fruits and veggies, honey, eggs, pigs, cows, beefalo, goats or chickens! Their Facebook page is here.

After THAT, we headed home but we both wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather a little more, so we went to our favorite spot: the Lake Michigan lakefront in Chicago, near the Adler Planetarium. It’s the best spot for the best view of the Chicago skyline, just 5 minutes from home. Here’s a photo for you to enjoy. Mike and I associate the awesome skyline with success. So many old buildings, so many new ones, full of successful businesses and people. We like to go here for inspiration.

Chicago skyline

2-Board Bench
Warm Up Sets
2x5 45 lbs
1x5 60 lbs
1x3 75 lbs
1x3 90 lbs
Working Sets
1x1 105 lbs
1x1 125 lbs
1x1 130 lbs (failed)
1x2 115 lbs (down set)
3x12 touching DB bench press
4x10 one-arm DB rows
3x10 one-arm DB shoulder press
3x15 tricep pushdowns
3x12 DB hammer curls