5-19-14 – Gina Featured on the Elitefts Strong(her)™ Athlete Spotlight

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Gina squats at the Elitefts LTT8 seminar

Gina squats at the Elitefts LTT8 seminar

Strong(her)™ Athlete Spotlight

Name: Gina Davis-Mireles

Age: 29

Location: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Owner/Operations Manager at High Performance Fitness, Inc.

Sport: Powerlifting noob

Training for: My first REAL meet in August (APF-AAPF Chicago Summer Bash 11, in Park Forest, IL); I’ve only participated in small in-house gym meets thus far. [Personally] to change my body composition the right way, to gain strength for functionality, for overall health, and to prepare my mind for what my body will go through in childbirth one day.

Gym: High Performance Fitness, Inc. (http://www.teamhpf.com/)

Favorite elitefts™ products:
elitefts™ Signature Monolift (http://bit.ly/1sIGRQr), elitefts™ Pro Bands (http://bit.ly/N3A4lj) because you can do SO many different movements with them, and 3″ Cable Grenade Balls (http://bit.ly/1qzcXR0) to sneak in extra grip/forearm work.

Learning how to: Implement techniques I learned at LTT8 in my training, take my strength to the next level, and grow my business.

Strong(her)™ because: I’ve overcome a tremendous amount of difficulties that life threw at me in these 29 years, but I always come out stronger and smarter. My instinct is to push straight through every obstacle in my way. I think my life experiences have made me perfect for powerlifting. I’ve learned that there’s more strength inside of me than I realize, physically and mentally. I’m Strong(her)™ because I strive to be a role model to other women.