5-19-14 – Max Effort 1-Board Deadlifts

Well, today’s training session only took 3 or 4 hours to complete. #gymownerproblems I started training at the normal downtime, but didn’t account for how much business has picked up this month, so of course, Mike and I got interrupted like a ga-jillion times. All for new clients, or returning clients, so I’m not complaining, but it was just taking forever to finish. Anyways, so Mike wants me to start recording my max effort working sets, so today was the first for that. YAY! You have a video to watch now! Now you can see my bald head! So I did a ton of sets… and ended with a nice 250 lbs for my max single. The down set felt pretty heavy. I was EXHAUSTED right after I finished my accessories. Like, I was about to fall asleep sitting up, at the front desk. Whoops. I was back to normal after I showered and drank a little bit of coffee. I’m pretty sure my entire body is going to feel it after all that work today. Accessories burned today! The zombie steps especially… and stability ball leg curls. OUCH! I did some abs to finish. Thanks Jesse and Danny for sticking around for so long to cheer me on! Oh and Danny, Mike said good job with calling my weights!

1-Board Conventional Deadlifts
Warm Up Sets
1x5 65 lbs
1x5 95 lbs
1x3 115 lbs
1x3 135 lbs
1x3 155 lbs
Working Sets
1x1 185 lbs
1x1 200 lbs
1x1 215 lbs
1x1 235 lbs
1x1 250 lbs
1x3 215 lbs (down set)
4x10 stability ball leg curls
3x30 seconds zombie steps w/red band (each leg)
2x12 split leg squats
4x10 split reverse hyper
4x20 ab V-ups