5-20-14 Speed Squats & Deadlifts

Today’s session went well. The squats felt very strong and fast. There were times when my body fell forward, causing me to lose speed during the lift. I was able to recover by squeezing my back tightly and driving my neck into the bar. My wrists have been giving me problems so I will make sure to keep an eye on it.

I have always had trouble with getting into a proper position for my deficit deadlifts. I let the bar get in from of me too much and have to pull it back into my shins once the plates come off the floor. I was instructed by our seasoned barbell veteran, Steve Poniatowski, to bring my stance it more. I tried it and it made a big difference. I was able to not only set my chest in a more upright position but also get more speed off the ground. I wasn’t able to finish my accessories because I had to shower and get ready for my evening clients. Over all it was a pretty good session.


Dynamic Effort, Lower Body
Warm Ups
2 x 8 - 45
2 x 5 - 135
2 x 3 - 225, 315
405 x 2
Working Sets
8 x 2 - 475
Deadlifts w/ 2.5" deficit
Warm Ups
135 x 5
225 x 3
315 x 3
Working Sets
8 x 1 - 365