5-21-14 – Circuits of Death

Dynamic Effort Upper Body

Moved up my weight from last week and did the 3×3 of each of the three grips (close, competition, wide) of bench press today. These felt really good, and I got to work on my foot position/leg drive issues a little more too. I placed my feet further out today, extending my legs more, but still getting good heel/leg drive without letting my butt come off the bench. Gotta get ready for competition judging if I’m going to do the meet in August! Accessories were a bitch today! Mike and I trained together this morning before our facility opened so we both did the same accessories. To same time we superset our first two and then made a 4-round circuit out of the last 4…… and I almost died at round 1.5 LOL. Seriously. But thank goodness I have an amazing husband and training partner who pushes me and tells me I can get through it, so I finished just fine!


This was me halfway through:



Bench Press
Warm Up Sets
2x5 45 lbs
1x5 55 lbs
1x5 65 lbs
Working Sets
3x3 75 lbs (close grip)
3x3 75 lbs (competition grip)
3x3 75 lbs (wide grip)
4x10 DB bench press
4x10 lat pull downs
4-Round Circuit:
x12 DB side raises
x12 Tate presses
x10 barbell curls
x10 DB hammer curls