5-23-14 – DE Conventional Speed Deadlifts

This week, Mike wanted me to finish out dynamic effort lower body on a good note so we could get ready to go heavy next week. Last dynamic effort day just about killed me afterwards. Holy shnikes! Anyways, so I need to work on my speed off the floor, and that’s what we did today, with 2 chains, cuz I’m different, yea I’m different. After warm ups, I hit the twelve working sets, one rep each, with 30 second rest periods in between to work on my GPP (general physical preparedness… aka quickening breathin/heart rate recovery time and endurance). I did a superset with calf raises and toe raises (more like, toe pulls) with the orange band. Those are going to kill me later, I’m sure! It will help with my terrible ankle flexibility (specifically my right side). Overall it was a great training session!

Conventional Speed Deadlifts
Warm Up Sets
1x5 65 lbs
1x5 85 lbs
1x3 105 lbs
Working Sets
12x1 125 lbs plus 40 lbs of chains
3x15 leg curls w/orange band
3x15 goblet box squats
3x15 calf raises (superset with below)
3x15 toe raises w/orange band (superset with above)
3x10 back raises on GHR