5-27-14 – ME Incline Bench & Major Glute Bridge LOL

So today was all kinds of messed up for me. But I worked hard, so it ended well. I started out picking my warm up sets and I jumped too high, too quick, then had to back it down a bit. I forgot incline bench is going to be less than flat bench, duh! My sets were going well, until my last max single…… you know, when I let myself break form completely and let my ass go sky high just to lock out and finish the lift. LOL you’ll see in my video below. I basically did a glute bridge, or pretended like there was a flat bench under me. So dumb! Anyways… like Mike was telling me, I need to learn how to keep my form throughout those tough points and trust that I have a spotter. Overall, I was happy with my final max single of 90 lbs. The down set went well too, the last rep or two I still let my butt come up. Oh well. Lesson learned. On to the next one.

Incline Bench Press
Warm Up Sets
2x5 45 lbs
1x5 65 lbs
1x1 85 lbs (oops! jumped too fast)
1x3 70 lbs (backed down)
Working Sets
1x1 75 lbs
1x1 80 lbs
1x1 85 lbs
1x1 90 lbs (ass in the sky!)
1x7 70 lbs (down set)
4x10 touching DB bench press
4x15 face pulls w/orange band
3x12 alternating DB shoulder press
4x25 band spreads w/red band
3x12 55 lb close grip 2-board bench press