5-30-14 – Dynamic Effort Bench Press

SPEED! SPEED! SPEED! That was the goal today. Moving the weight as fast as possible. Everything felt great! My set up, leg drive, burst off the chest, and the lock out. The bands gave some tension on the top end of my rep but nothing too heavy. Easy working sets today. As for my accessories, I kept it sweet and simple. I would normally hammer my upper back on this day but I figured I would save my back today since I have max effort squats tomorrow. I did punish my triceps though. Sweet and simple training day today!


Dynamic Effort Bench Press
6 x 5 - 190 w/ orange bands (3 different grips)
Dumbbell Bench Press
4 x 12 - 85
Dumbbell Side Raises
3 x 12 - 25
Band Spread
4 x 25 - red band
Tricep Pushdowns w/ Rope
7 x 12 - 70
Hammer Curls
4 x 10 - 35