5-6-14 – Focusing on Getting Strong(er)

After a nice, long weekend of resting away from school, work and the gym, I was ready for my final week three before the upcoming meet on May 24th. My training partners for the day are Jesse Kurth and the team’s newest member, Tim Doran. I drove apart from them so I can get to the gym and begin focusing hard on my heavy sets. I took my time warming up, listening to music, stretching, and doing whatever to takes to make sure my body was as ready as possible for this day. Between warm up sets and my first two working sets, I spent time teach Tim correct squat form over on the other rack. But, when it came time for my final two sets, I had to spend time outside, to myself. As expected, 240 for three felt much easier with knee wraps. By now, it was time for my final set to give everything I had. I spent 5-10 minutes to myself before wrapping my knees, strapping on the belt and climbing under the bar. My first rep with 265 went up slow and got in my head a little bit, but by my third rep, my focus was unmeasurable and my mind was clear. I finished with a strong six reps with 265 pounds. Ultimately, I would have much preferred my target rep count of nine or so. But, there was nothing more I could have done to prepare myself both mentally and physically so it is what it is. Regardless, I am still very pleased with squatting 265 for six reps because just three and a half months prior, I maxed at just 280 pounds for one. As for the accessories, Tim, Jesse, and I pushed through quickly, pushing ourselves just as we usually do. At this point, I am just glad that I have a general idea of what I’m looking at to do at the next meet and my goal of squatting 315 is becoming much clearer.

Warm Ups
2 x 10 - 10
2 x 5 - 115, 140
170 x 3
Working Sets
210 x 5
240 x 3
265 x 6 (as many as possible)
SS Yoke Bar Close Stance Box Squats 3 x 12 - 160, 160, 155
Sumo Deadlifts (1 mat deficit) 3 x 5 - 245
Band Leg Curls 3 x 15 - grey band, FAR!
Reverse Hypers
3 x 10 - 160
135 x 10
Calf Raises 3 x 20 - 135
Sled Drags x 5 - 6 plates outside