5-6-14 – Max Effort Close Grip Bench

Today the goal was working up to a heavy single. I haven’t done very much close grip work, so it’s good to feel something different with these. I focused on tearing the bar apart with my hands, so I’m sure I’ll have some sore forearms in a couple days. I did really well throughout my working sets and did great with my down set with 9 reps on a expected 5-8 rep plan. One of the most simple accessory movements still kills me–dumbbell side raises! So simple… but damn! Those things hurt! But it’s okay, it will help my teardrop goal. That’s what I have to focus on, the end goal. Then I can have teardrops like these:






Close Grip Bench Press
Warm Up Sets
2x5 45 lbs
1x5 55 lbs
1x5 65 lbs
1x3 75 lbs
Working Sets
1x1 85 lbs
1x1 95 lbs
1x1 105 lbs
1x1 110 lbs
1x9 85 lbs (down set)
4x10 Tate presses
3x20 face pulls w/orange band
3x15 DB side raises
3x15 tricep pushdowns w/grenades
3x15 hammer curls w/rope & chains