6-18-14 – Squat Day: NOT 3!!!

Week number 3 in my training cycle for squatting and of course that means that it is as many as fucking possible week! I came into the gym knowing what I had to do. I was mentally focused and prepared for what was to come. I warmed up a little longer than usual this day because I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any excuses when it was all over. My first set was 275 for 5, and having been familiar with this weight it felt pretty easy. Next was 315 for 3, I wrapped my knees for this set because I wanted to keep my knees ready for the last set. 340 was my as many as possible, and It was a very difficult set to go through. After the first rep, every other rep began to feel heavier and heavier. When I got to rep number 3, which came up pretty slow I thought that was it, but I said fuck it one more rep. With help from my spotter Mike, rep 4 was possible.

Warm Ups
135 x 3
185 x 3
225 x 3
Working Sets
275 x 5
315 x 3
340 x 4 (as many as possible)
Front Squats
4 x 12 - 95
Band Leg Curls
2 x 15 - single leg, each leg
1 x 30 - double leg
Glute/Ham Raises
3 x 12
Band Spreads
3 x 20 - red band
Ab Wheel 3 x 12
Rope Crunch
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