6-21-14 – Sumo Deadlift PR!

It has been a long time since I have deadlifted heavy in a sumo stance. Today, I felt that it was time to change that. I changed to conventional a couple of years ago. The reason I switched stances awhile back was because my hips were very sore from a previous squat session, but I figured I still needed to train. The sumo stance that I normally trained with just wasn’t feeling too good. Instead of going home I decided to give the conventional stance a try. It was easy on my hips for that day and it was fun too because it was something new. My lifts went well so I just decided to stick with it. For the next couple of years I didn’t turn back.

Today, I brought my sumo deadlift back to the platform and wanted to go heavy with it. I used to feel strong with this stance but I could never get over the 500 lb barrier. Accomplishing this is very important to me. All of my warm up sets felt great. My hips felt strong. My grip felt tight and I was able to maintain a good position. The weights in the 400s felt very strong and came up quickly. I decided to go for my arch nemesis, 500 lbs. I visuallized the weight coming up with ease before I stepped on the platform. By the time I actually came up to the bar, the lift was already done. I gripped it, tightened my body and pushed my feet into the ground as hard as I could. SUCCESS!!! PERSONAL RECORD!!! I finally broke past my barrier that I have struggled with for years now.

After completing the 500 lb deadlift I felt that I had more left in the tank. 515 came up just as fast as the 500 lb one. TWO PRS!!!! I then slapped another 10 lb plate on each side to make it 535 lbs but during my lift I felt the bar get away from me a little bit. I didn’t want to risk injury so I decided let it drop. Plus, I already got two PRs today so I was happy! I finished with a downset and some accessories. TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!


Max Effort, Lower Body
Sumo Deadlifts
Warm Ups
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 3
Working Sets
365 x 1
405 x 1
445 x 1
475 x 1
500 x 1
515 x 1
535 missed
Down Set
465 x 2
Glute/Ham Raises
3 x 10
Stability Ball Leg Curls
5 x 10
Hammer Curls
5 x 10 - 30
Tempo Reverse Hypers
3 x 10 - 90 (:05 sec up, :05 sec down)
Weighted Crunches
5 x 12 - 25 lb DB
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