6-27-14 – Don’t Let Go!

Grip was a big factor in today’s deadlifts, mainly because of the two cuts on my fingers which didn’t allow me to squeeze as tightly as I usually do. None the less, I tried to forget about it and keep my mindset on pulling strong. I knew that my last working set would be the toughest and it truly was. This had been the first time that I had pulled 370 for 5. The first three reps of this set were fast, but after the third pull my grip began to weaken and I felt the cut on my finger begin to open up. I continued to squeeze the bar as tight as I could and I got the last two reps. I opted out of doing snatch grip deads this week and will do them next week.

Warm Ups
135 x 3
185 x 3
225 x 3
Working Sets
370 x 5
*missing the numbers for working sets
Good Mornings
5 x 5 - 95
Seated Cable Rows
3 x 12 - 100, 120, 140
Band Leg Curls
3 x 15 - grey band
Back Raises
3 x 12
Reverse Hypers
2 x 15