6-5-14 – ME Floor Press w/Chains

Oops. I completely forgot to record this session until the last max single, in which my butt came up anyways, so yea, no video this session. Sorry fans! I felt great after this session because I was able to get 100 lbs up, PLUS two chains (another 40ish pounds at the top), which is much more than my regular bench PR. That makes me happy to see progress like that. Definitely felt accomplished with this session! Note: you’ll see below that I did a bunch of super sets; this was only in the interest of saving time.

Floor Press w/Chains
Warm Up Sets
2x5 45 lbs (w/o chains)
1x3 45 lbs (w/chains here on out)
1x3 55 lbs
1x3 65 lbs
1x3 75 lbs
Working Sets
1x1 85 lbs
1x1 90 lbs
1x1 95 lbs
1x1 100 lbs
4x12 tricep pushdowns (super set w/below)
3x12 Tate presses (super set w/above)
3x12 reverse DB flies (super set w/below)
4x10 one-arm DB rows (super set w/above)
2x15 seated DB cleans