6-6-14 – ME Deficit Deadlifts w/Chains

Another great max effort day in the books, but still some things to work on. This is my first time doing conventional deficit deads, although it was only a deficit of a half inch. Oh and here’s a disclaimer: I hate the belt I’m using; it was on so tight (thanks hubby) that it was killing me when I went to go bend down to grab the bar. You’ll see a pained look on my face in a few of the videos before I even pick the bar up. Also, I learned how to overcome it by letting my breath out once I grabbed the bar, and doing the straight leg set up to dip my butt lower before I actually pick up the bar. You’ll see me do that a few times too. I got to 225 successfully, then my grip failed a few inches short of locking out 235. Just knowing that I got 235 lbs PLUS chains that far UP from a deficit is a wonderful feeling. My previous conventional deadlift PR was 225 at LTT8 in April. Progress!! My down set could’ve went better. I felt sharp pains in my lower back during all three reps that I tried. If it weren’t for that, I would’ve went for the extra two reps to get five total. Afterwards Mike, who was watching, said that I didn’t get my butt down very much and they basically looked like stiff leg deads. Oops. See the video. P.S. Sorry for the sub par video quality for the last two sets; my phone died and I had to use someone else’s.

Conventional 0.5" Deficit Deadlifts w/Chains
Warm Up Sets
2x5 65 lbs (w/o chains)
1x3 65 lbs + chains from here on out
1x3 85 lbs
1x3 105 lbs
Working Sets
1x1 125 lbs
1x1 145 lbs
1x1 165 lbs
1x1 185 lbs
1x1 205 lbs
1x1 225 lbs
1x1 235 lbs (grip failed)
1x3 190 lbs (down set)
4x15 leg curls w/orange band
3x10 zombie walks w/red band (forwards and backwards is one set)
3x12 close stance goblet box squats
3x12 back raises on GHR
1x20 elevated leg raises (abs)
1x20 ab V-ups
2x20 DB side bends
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