6-9-14 – DE Bench w/Bands

Speed bench with bands.. this is another first for me. It was fun. Especially since the weight was so super low (only 45% of my training max) it was extra easy to explode up quickly. I’m quickly learning that incline bench isn’t my strong point. But it’s just something that I need to work at in order to improve. Today, incline bench was my first accessory lift. All other accessories went well. Meadows rows and pistol raises were difficult in a good way again. Love how they make my back feel afterwards.

Bench Press w/Red Band
Warm Up Sets
1x5 45 lbs (w/o bands)
1x5 45 lbs w/bands
Working Sets
6x5 50 lbs w/bands
Incline Bench Press
1x5 60 lbs
1x5 65 lbs
1x5 70 lbs
1x5 75 lbs
1x5 80 lbs
4x10 Meadows rows
3x12 pistol raises
3x15 tricep band pushdowns
3x12 DB hammer curls