6-9-14 – Dynamic Effort Lower Body

Today, I came into the gym very early in the morning on a weekday which was quite strange. I saw a whole group of people in the gym that I usually don’t see. Regardless, I had my first dynamic lower body workout day including ten sets of two reps at 160 pounds on regular back squats. Just the same as my speed bench day, I tried to keep this day as fast as possible. As I was warming up, the only break I had between sets was loading the weight. Once I reached 160 pounds, I allowed myself just thirty seconds between sets. All my sets felt quite easy, only becoming just slightly difficult towards my final set. Before I knew it, I was finished and on to my accessories, which I had also completed as quickly as I could. I think today was one of few days where I didn’t spend my entire day there.

Dynamic Effort Lower Body
Speed Squats
10 x 2 - 160
Snatch Grip Deadlifts (elevated on a 1 board platform)
3 x 5 - 185, 225, 265
40 reps - x 30, x 10
Back Raises
3 x 12 - 50
*Super Set*
Calf Raises
3 x 25
Toe Raises
3 x 15
3 x 10 - 10 lb plate
Cable Crunches
3 x 10 - 70