9-23-14 – Dynamic Effort Bench Press

It’s time to get back on track.  My nutrition has been a lot better, my clothes are fitting better and I am just feeling better all around. I have still been training hard, but my training schedule has been all over the place.photo

Today’s session went well. My mom was training at the same time. Her being there raised my energy level because she always puts me in a great mood. My working sets on bench press were 290 lbs and they felt fast and solid. I used three different grips, close grip being what I need to work on the most. Knowing that I need more help from the bottom of my rep I then did close grip incline bench press. I struggled on the last couple of reps on the last set but maintained good technique and was able to lock it out. After that I worked on the necessary accessories that would help my bench become strong(er). I was happy with how the session went and was even more happy that my mom was there with me!


Dynamic Effort Bench Press
9 x 3 - 290 three different grips
Close Grip Incline Bench Press
185 x 5
205 x 5
225 x 5
245 x 5
265 x 5
Standing V Bar Lat Pulldowns
6 x 10 - 90
Dumbbell Side Raises
4 x 10 - 30
Tricep Pushdowns w/ Grenades
5 x 20 - red band
Hammer Curls
3 x 12 - 35