9-27-14 – Max Effort Reverse Band Bench Press w/ Sling Shot

It has been awhile since I have handled heavy weight in my hands. That is why I decided to not only use reverse bands but also threw on a Sling Shot. Using these tools will give me a boost off of my chest, but force me to have a strong lock out to complete the rep. This is a good way to overload my bench to get me used to feeling the heavy weights in my hands.

My sets all felt strong! I was able to maintain a tight position throughout all of my sets. The weights didn’t start feeling heavy until I had 455 lbs in my hands. I felt that I brought the bar too slow on a couple of sets, causing the bar to lock out a little slower than it should have. My leg drive really helped me during my session. Pushing my feet hard into the ground caused my back to drive into the bench, allowing me to lift the bar with more ease. I successfully finished with 500 lbs and had confidence to go heavier with 515 lbs, but gravity had a different idea. After missing 515 lbs I dropped it down to 455 lbs for a set of 3 reps. These felt difficult because I was a little fatigued from the heavier weights but I was still able to complete the set.

I finished my session with the necessary accessories that will help me strengthen my weak points. I had a great supporting cast today in the gym with me and had great handoffs from my spotter, Mikey Danielcyzk. Great way to start the weekend!


Reverse Band Bench Press w/ Sling Shot
Bar 2 x 10
2 x 5 - 135
185 x 5
w/ Reverse Band Only
225 x 5
275 x 3
Reverse Band & Sling Shot
315 x 3
355 x 2
385 x 2
425 x 1
455 x 1
500 x 1
515 missed
Down Set
455 x 3
Standing DB Overhead Press
50 lbs x 10
65 lbs x 10
65 lbs x 10
Standing V Bar Lat Pulldowns
6 x 10 - 100
Tricep Pushdowns
3 x 15 - 80
Hammer Curls
3 x 12 - 30
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