Aaron Starkey – AAPF Summer Bash Powerlifting Meet Recap

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 1.jpgOver all I was pretty happy with my lifts and the meet itself. I did not reach the numbers that I anticipated, but that’s ok. It was a good place to start. I know what I need to work on. I will have a better understanding of how to prep for a meet to get the most out of my training.  I also have a goal and total I want to achieve for next year’s meet. 1600lb.  195lbs higher than summer bash.  Huge jump? Absolutely.  I do not believe at all that it’s out of reach though. I have so much potential within what I have learned.  Plus, the meet was only 9 weeks into my first progressive cycle. I have a year! I expect to meet that number or surpass it.  I was very motivated by how well all my teammates did as well! Everyone was on top of their game.! I can’t wait to see what next year’s meet brings for all of us. I will continue to follow the same program I am on for probably the next 6 months maybe longer. At that point I will try my hand at the conjugate method.

Final Lifts:

Squat – 523.5

Bench Press – 352.5

Deadlift – 534.5