AAPF Summer Bash Powerlifting Meet Recap

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 12.jpgThis meet was unlike any other meet I had competed in the past. Not only because this is a certified, real meet unlike the small in-house meets held at HPF, but because I am beyond unprepared. Ever since Meet by the Tracks, my work schedule and planning for my fall semester have interfered with my training tremendously. Occasionally, I was only capable of training once a week and never any more than four days a week. I hadn’t even signed up for this meet until literally the very last minute. For the following three weeks, I made training a focal priority. My training partner, Jesse Kurth, I decided to leave in the dark from the news of me signing to compete. He was very disappointed each and every time he asked if I was doing and had declined. I was forced to plan certain days I could go into the gym and do certain lifts. But, just a week prior to my first certified meet, I just took the week off from training to allow my body to recover and relax. Just the day before the meet, I arranged to go in for my weigh ins at a separate time from Jesse unknowing that he had gone to my house just after I had left for my weigh ins. Unfortunately, my dad did break the secret so my hard work of keeping it a secret hadn’t paid off exactly. Regardless, after I came home, Jesse and I went to eat at TGIF’s to eat as much as we possible could before breaking the seams of our bodies. Although it was nice eating over $40 worth of food for me, the next morning it bit me in the ass. I felt sick to my stomach the entire drive to the meet before releasing my nerves and meal from the night before. Then, it was time to get ready for the long battle ahead of me. A main concern heading into this meet was a constant pain I had been feeling in my hip for several weeks, even months. During my warmup sets, I felt a slight pinch where it had hurt before but didn’t let it faze me one bit and blocked it out. Now was time for the actual competition to begin. My first attempt on squats I actually felt absolutely zero nerves. I knew my friends and family were there for support and everyone just wanted everyone to do their best. I get under the bar and take it out and to my surprise, the 260 pounds felt like 135. On my way down to parallel, I lost my balance a bit and hesitated before reaching parallel and waited there for five seconds before coming back up to hear no good. Again, just like my injured hip, it really didn’t faze me whatsoever and I increased my second attempt to roughly 280 pounds. Just as the first, felt like nothing, came up like nothing. My final attempt felt the exact same at roughly 295 pounds. As for bench, warmups felt great, first attempt went well, and my second attempt at 175 was a bit of a struggle. Therefore, I only increased my final bench attempt to 181.7 pounds, a massive PR compared to previous PR set at only 165 pounds. Although it went up slow, form was great and I got the lock out all thanks to the entire crowd cheering. After resting and rejoicing with my friends and family, I was ready to get set for the final lift. Warming up for deadlifts felt absolutely fantastic. Working all the way up to 315, every warmup had felt like nothing more than 225. I felt like I could deadlift a millions pounds on the platform. I didn’t get ahead of myself though, I knew what I could do and what had to be done so before my first lift, I prepared just as I always do and picked it up for a good lift like nothing. I jumped 40 pounds to roughly 375 pounds. Just as my final bench attempt, it went up very difficult and if it hadn’t been for the amazing crowd, I don’t know if it would’ve made its way to where it needed to go. As for my final attempt at 385 pounds, I walked up to the platform, went down to pick it up and knew in my mind that if I were to get it off the ground, it would require me to hitch it like hell to get it up so I just left it alone and concluded the meet on a great note with my 375. I waited for my fellow team HPF athletes, including Charlie who pulled an incredible 391 pounds like it was baby weight, to finish before waiting out the 181 class in the audience. I was astonished to realize that I had actually placed, not only the top three but second place. The motivation that I have moving forward is unlike any that I have had in the past. Knowing what I know now, I know what it takes to win first place and I refuse to win anything less in next year’s summer bash.