12-17-13 – 155 POUNDS ADDED TO TOTAL!

This was the day that 9 weeks of hard work and dedication led up to, MAX OUT DAY! Now after being scarce in the gym for roughly a year and a half, this was my first full 9 weeks of awesome training. Because of that and an awesome program from Brandon Lilly, The Cube Method, I added 155lbs to my three lift total!!! I’m so excited to start my next 9 weeks of hard intense training with this method. Now in the videos all my first lifts are my old maxes, except on the deadlift. My second attempt was 5 pounds more because Mike talked me into it. Always a big thanks to Mike Mireles, Robert Falcioni, and Kyle Laya and everyone else at High Performance Fitness for helping me in every way this training cycle. Enjoy the video.
Keep Lifting My Friends…
9 Weeks AgoLast Week week of 12/9/13
Bench Press365405
Old Total = 1,340 lbsNew Total = 1,495 lbs!!!