12-18-13 – Squats

SQUAT DAY! This is my favorite movement to train. There’s something about having crushing weight on your back and being able to control it. I spent a long time warming up to make sure my hips were mobile enough to hit proper depth. My warm up sets all felt easy. The bar felt weightless on my back. I was making sure that everything remained tight. On the second to my last set I thought I would have to use knee wraps. It was a bad decision because I don’t normally squat with them on. It threw me off my normal routine. On the second rep of my second to last set I almost fell back. That would have left a big hole in our wall. My wife would have been pissed!!! On my last set I decided to ditch the knee wraps and just with the normal knee sleeves I train with. I was determined to complete five reps on my last set of 500 lbs. Everything felt good during my last set. I felt my left knee cave in on one of my reps but I was still able to make it happen.

After my last set of squats I was a little beat. I decided to only do a couple of accessories and call it a day. I did SS Yoke bar squats and reverse hyper. I dread doing SS Yoke Bar squats but they work so well! It forces me to keep good technique because if you didn’t, it will plant your face on the floor in front of you. Overall good session.

Warm Ups
Bar 2 x 8
4 x 5 - 135, 225, 265, 315
Working Sets
x 5 - 375
x 4 - 405
x 3 - 440
x 2 - 470
x 5 - 500
SS Yoke Bar Squats 3 x 8 - 225, 265, 315
Reverse Hypers 4 x 10 - 115