2-10-14 -Max Effort Floor Press w/ chains

The decision has been made. My wife Gina and I are going to train on a consistent basis. Our lives are VERY busy but we had to find time to train to stay healthy and get strong(er). We came to HPF before business hours and got our training in. As she was squatting I was floor pressing. During the floor press you can not arch as big or get any leg drive. I like this movement because it helps me focus on controlling the bar by holding my back tight and squeezing my shoulder blades together. I also added one chain on each side of the bar to make the weight feel heavier as I lifter it.

The sets of the floor press felt pretty good. As I watched the videos of the session I noticed there were a few sets were I was bringing the bar down really slow. I remembered these were the sets that I was mainly focusing on pulling the bar apart and squeezing my back. I worked my way up to 350 with 40 lbs of chains and it was a battle trying to lock it out. I was able to remain tight and finish the rep. My accessories were done in a circuit just to help save on time but to also keep my heart rate up. I finished off on the Prowler and no matter how many times I have done it in the past I still hate it but love what it does for me. All in all it was a great session. I am currently training to get in the best shape of my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with my training.


Floor Press w/ 40 lbs of chains
Warm Ups
3 x 5 - 95, 135, 165
Working Sets
3 x 3 - 185, 205, 245
7 x 1 - 265, 280, 305, 320, 330, 340, 350
Downset 280 x 5
*Circuit of 4 Rounds*
Chest Supported Rows x 12 - 50
DB Side Raises x 10 - 25
Band Spreads x 25 - red band
Tate Press x 10 - 35
Prowler x 10